5 Steps To Increase Breasts Size

Hello girls,

I am Glenda Westbrook and as everyone knew I am mother of 2 beautiful daughters and I love spending time with them.


I was born with the curse of flat chest. My tiny boobs are the main reason for my painful and lonely life. In my high school I was teased about my flat chest. My self-esteem was so low that I don’t have any friends. I often heard boys teasing and joking about my flat chest. I was powerless and I can’t do anything.

I know many girls (if not ALL) have to suffer from these feelings. Everyone is not blessed with big breasts but thankfully Mother Nature has created our body in such a style that we can change the size of our body parts by exposing them to training.

In this post I am not going to talk about how to increase breasts size but instead I am going to talk about how breasts enlargement take place. It is very important to understand how breasts growth takes place because you take any step towards increasing breasts size.

Steps to Increase Breasts Size

How Natural Breast Enlargement Take Place?

Breasts SizeHormones play major part in increasing breast size. Many women think by increasing Estrogen hormone and decreasing Testosterone hormone they are able to increase breast size. They may be correct but this is only the half equation because during breasts growth many hormonal changes take place and it is important to take care of every hormone that affect breasts growth.

By controlling hormonal changes in your body you are actually ticking your body to work as it is puberty. Puberty is the time in which lots of changes take place in the women body and breasts development is one of them. In girls puberty happen in age between 10 to 14 but due to environmental factors puberty can begin earlier at the age of 9. So we can say that puberty happen from age 9 to 14.

After puberty end (normally at age 16-17), production of Estrogen slows down and breasts stop growing. However, by making 5 hormonal changes it is possible to make body works as it worked in Puberty. Don’t worry as this is completely safe method for breast development.

Here are five important steps that put your body into ‘Boobs-Building’ mode:

Step #1 – Increase Estrogen:

Estrogen is the most important hormone for woman body. This is because it is responsible for the development of female characteristics into your body. It is Estrogen that defines you as a female. Not to mention, Estrogen is important hormone for breasts development.

estrogenAfter puberty you have to increase Estrogen in your body as it will signal breasts to grow. But overloading body with Estrogen is not the right solution for breasts development because when there is ‘too much’ Estrogen in the body then body will start converting Estrogen into Testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that cuts down every chances of breasts growth.

Additionally, too much Estrogen creates an unwanted process in the body called down-regulation in which your receptors lose sensitivity and shut down. Without open receptors your breasts will not get message to grow.

To balance the effect of Estrogen in your body it is important to use phytoestrogenic herbs. Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like compounds but they are less powerful than Estrogen.

Step #2 – Increase Prolactin:

Prolactin is another hormone that you need for breast development. Prolactin is very important for women as it is responsible for the development of mammary gland, increase fat storage in breasts and increase the amount of estrogen receptors in breasts.

There is no separate herb or plant that contains Prolactin but thankfully there are some Phytoestrogenic herbs that not only minimize the effect of estrogen but also increase the production of Prolactin hormone.

Another great way to increase the production of Prolactin hormone is by massaging breasts in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction starting from the mammary gland. This is the reason Breast Enhancement systems like Total Curve System contain cream as the important tool for breasts development. You can use this Phytoestrogenic herbs containing cream to apply on your breasts and massage it to activate breast growth.

Step #3 – Decrease Testosterone:

Testosterone is very popularly known as manly hormone as it makes bone stronger and increases muscles mass but, it stops breasts growth and cut down every effect of estrogen in the body. Estrogen and Testosterone works against each other. This means if you increase Estrogen then the level of Testosterone will go down and vice verse. However, you can’t overload your body with Estrogen as excess amount of Estrogen converts into Testosterone.

But when there is excess amount of Testosterone in the body it converts into more powerful and potent Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is three to five time more powerful than testosterone and any presence of DHT means no breasts development.

Fortunately, some rare phytoestrogenic herbs that contain in the Total Curve System are powerful enough to remove DHT and create proper environment for breast development.

Step #4 – Increase Growth Hormone:

Growth hormone is the most important hormone in the body as it not only helps in breast development but it also help men in increasing their penis and muscle size. In short, Growth hormone activates the development of different body parts in which Breasts are one of them.

growth hormonesDuring Puberty your body contains massive amount of growth hormone that assist in the development of different body parts. But after the age of 30, growth hormone starts declining. If you want to have bigger breasts then first you have to bring the level of growth hormone back to normal.

Men and women are using growth hormone therapy for many different reasons and there are many supplements that you can use to increase the production of growth hormone in your body. If you don’t know Total Curve contains supplement that performs many functions for breasts development and increasing growth hormone is one of them.

Diet, habits and lifestyle all play important role in development of growth hormone but unfortunately, our normal diet doesn’t contain foods that increase growth hormone that is the reason supplement is the only option to increase growth hormone.

Step #5 – Increase Progesterone:

Progesterone is another important hormone for bigger and fuller breasts. The basic function of Progesterone hormone is to develop gland and make breasts fuller. However, no herb contains progesterone but breast enlargement cream that deprived from soy and yam milk can increase progesterone in the body.

Progesterone and Estrogen work against each other that mean by increasing Progesterone level in your body the level of Estrogen goes down. Progesterone is necessary to keep Estrogen level in check but overloading body with Progesterone means no breasts growth.

Now you come to know about all 5 steps that you need to increase your breasts size. However, I recently posted my quick-fix techniques that can make your breasts look bigger. Make sure to check it out as well.