My Personal Quick-Fix Techniques To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

make your breasts look biggerMost women think natural breast enhancement methods are very consuming and for this reason, I often see emails from my readers who ask me some techniques to make breasts look bigger. So, I decided to write this ‘quick-fix’ guide in which you find out some of my personal secrets on making breasts look twice bigger than their actual size.

It doesn’t matter how much small your breasts are you can easily increase breast size with the help of techniques that I am going to reveal in this guide. In this guide, I am going to reveal three powerful ways that you can use to make your breasts bigger. Here are these three techniques:

  • Clothing techniques
  • Exercise techniques
  • Posture techniques

Here is the detailed explanation of these three techniques:

Clothing Techniques:

Clothing is very vital for determining how your body will look. Certain types of clothing can actually make your breasts look twice bigger but certain cloth can make your breasts much smaller than they actually are. Ok,Let me share some personal technique that makes your breast look bigger.

Select Right Tops:

I have personally seen some women make worst choices of clothes. If you want your breast to look bigger then you have to select tops that have a gather near the chest area. Tops with gather in chest region are very popular but basically, they help a lot in making your breast bigger.

Go For Padded Bra:

Padded BraPadded Bra needs no introduction and I know almost every woman once in her life think about wearing Padded Bra. This is because padded bras not only designed for women with small breasts but women with bigger breasts also wear them. Padded bras make your breasts look bigger and fuller at the same time.

For the God sake please avoid using tissue-stuff inside bra as they already give embarrassing moments to many girls. Don’t shy from purchasing padded bras and almost every girl have these in their collection. Victoria secret is known for latest, modern and high-quality uplifting bras. I don’t prefer to buy bra except Victoria secret because their bras have a natural look and they have no complaints.

Try to wear padded bras when you are wearing little revealing clothes to make your breast look bigger and don’t worry you can now purchase swimsuit which has padded bras build into the suit

Wear Bright Colors Strips Clothes:

Bright color can bring style and focus to your breasts and including big dangly necklace can make your breasts look bigger. Additionally horizontal strips can enhance the image of your breasts and make them look lot bigger than their actual size.

Just give a try to some black thick clothing with horizontal stripes and you will surprise to see how much big your breasts will look like. These types of clothing often use by celebrities that allow them to flaunt every bit of their breasts.

Exercises Techniques:

Many women don’t know but exercises are not only for weight loss and instead they are for increasing breasts size as well. There are few exercises that can lift the muscle underneath the breasts and make breasts look bigger. If you do exercises that I am going to reveal then your breasts will get bigger even if you don’t use any breast enhancement techniques.

Bench Press:

You may have seen many men performing bench press for bulking up their muscles but the secret fact is you can use bench press with the little notification and your breasts will get bigger.

All you have to do is to perform 3 sets of 7-12 reps with the weights that are a little bit above your comfort zone and you have to bring the bar down to your chest and bring it down.

Modified Push-ups:

Push-ups are great for strengthening your torso muscles and in this modified push-ups your torso muscles will not strengthen your muscle but it also lift your torso muscles.

In this modified push-ups, you have to do regular push-ups but you have modified it with knees on your ground.

Try to do 10 to 15 reps a day and increase it as you progress forward.

Incline Fly:

My personal favorite exercise that increases breasts size is inclined fly. All you have to do is to place your back, neck and shoulder on some large pillows and hold dumbbells in your both hands.

Below pictures will give you an illustration on how to perform this exercise carefully.

Incline Fly

Pectoral Fly:

Pectoral Fly is another exercise that helps you to get bigger breasts. Pectoral Fly also known as chest fly. Pectoral Fly works in the same way as Bench Press and they lift the muscle beneath the breasts.

Here is the video that shows you how you can perform pectoral fly in the right way to avoid any injury.

Posture Techniques:

Raise Your Shoulders and Pin Them Back:

Some women are walking with a completely wrong posture that makes their breasts look much smaller than their actual size. If you want your breasts to look bigger then you have to walk by raising your shoulders and pin them back. This way your breasts will look bigger and give the look that you are confident in your body.


Ok, this quick-fix guide will help you to make your breasts look bigger in very short amount of time and don’t forget to keep on using Total Curve breasts enhancement system to get bigger breasts naturally and permanently.

Once you get bigger breasts with Total Curve then you can use this “quick-fix” guide to make breasts look twice bigger than their actual size.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and don’t forget to update me with your results once you apply these techniques in your life. I am waiting to hear your results.